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Getting challenges with your PPC data not displaying in Google Analytics? If you know you are having clicks but your AdWords information is not showing in analytics and the ‘paid search traffic’ upholstered panel headboard segment is showing a great major zero, the most probably cause of this is that your clicks from AdWords are not ‘tagged’ so Google Analytics cannot tell where they came from.

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2. From the ‘My Account’ drop down menu click on ‘Preferences’

preferences in google adwords

three. On the preferences page go to the ‘Tracking’ section at the bottom (highlighted in yellow in the picture beneath) and click on Hashtag Home ‘Edit’.

enable tracking and auto tagging in <i>Hashtag Home</i> analytics” width=”650″ height=”490″ /></p>
<p><strong>4. Add a tick to the ‘Destination URL Auto Tagging’ box and then click the upholstered panel headboard ‘Save Changes’ Button.</strong></p>
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Pleased Advanced Segmenting!

Now your Google AdWords campaign clicks will show up in Google Analytics and you can marry them to conversion tracking and make these clicks count!

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