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Business enterprise Week Reports on the Worth of Google amid Orren Ellis IPO Buzz.

Some on the Street say the search engine’s IPO may fetch $25 billion. Use a distinct yardstick, and that sum seems way as well high

You don’t need a search engine to obtain opinions about this topic: How much Google would command if it were to go through with a considerably-anticipated, cresskill storage ottoman first-time Orren Ellis sale of stock to the public — which many believe could come about as early as the 1st quarter of 2004. The fascination with Google’s initial public supplying is a no-brainer given that it could prove the most lucrative and prosperous IPO since the dot-com crash.

Informed speculation says Google will issue an initial cresskill storage ottoman $1 billion worth of shares, which would represent what analysts believe is about a year’s worth of sales. That’s a substantial deal contemplating how unfriendly the IPO climate remains for tech issues.

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