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How to get your web page into DMOZ

Everybody talks about receiving their site listed in the Open Directory Project, far better identified as DMOZ, but not absolutely everyone knows what to do about it.

Here&rsquos some assistance.

The Open Directory Project is probably the single most critical online directory. Its listings are employed by Google, and by quite a few other search engines and directories, all more than multicolor area rugs the world wide web.


DMOZ is an completely volunteer edited directory, where each and every website is examined by an editor for suitability. To get a listing in DMOZ, is to have several legs up, in the race to the top rated of the search final results.

The initially step to a listing, is to check the many directory categories, and obtain the proper 1 for your web site. Be pretty thorough here, as submitting your internet site to the incorrect category can outcome in very extended waits, and possibly even rejection.

When you have narrowed your target to the most suitable category, go to it, and click on &ldquoadd URL&rdquo. Be definitely multicolor area rugs particular to knotted multicolor area read the guidelines really very carefully. They are not merely a suggestion. They are an absolute requirement. Be sure to submit just your home web page to only 1 category. Several web page or category submissions will probably be treated as spam, and your web site rejected.

You will be asked knotted multicolor area to create a short description of your site. This is not the spot to be flowery and biased. Be as objective as possible. savanah abstract hand If the editors assume your description is as well promotional, they will undoubtedly alter it on you. Your internet site may perhaps even be rejected entirely.

Your site has ultimately been submitted. Now what?

Due to the fact the internet site submissions are accepted on a 1st come, first served basis, you wait. The waiting period can final anyplace from one particular week to six lengthy agonizing months. What ever you do, don&rsquot make a decision to resubmit your website. At finest, your submission will be moved to the back of the line once again. knotted multicolor area At worst, your web page may well be rejected.

In the meantime, you won&rsquot hear from DMOZ a single way or the other. Preserve checking their web-site each and every week multicolor area rugs for final results. Hold updating and adding content to your internet site. The editors will like your web-site a lot much better, and your probabilities of approval go way up.


knotted multicolor area Orren Ellis knotted multicolor area

knotted multicolor area

Be certain you have no pages &ldquounder construction&rdquo, as the editors will reject any web pages that aren&rsquot prepared for prime time.

If you have an &ldquoaffiliate sales&rdquo website, be totally particular your internet knotted multicolor area site contains various pages of useful articles for your guests. A web page just consisting of hyperlinks and banners will virtually usually be rejected. Very good relevant content material is a must.

If you can&rsquot stand the wait, you can get in touch with the category editor about your internet site&rsquos status, straight through their Feedback hyperlink. A far better route, however, is to ask a polite question on the DMOZ public forum.


You don&rsquot have to be registered to read the forum, but you must register (absolutely free) to post a question. As generally, be positive to read and comply with the posting recommendations.

Satisfied submitting.

It&rsquos nicely worth the effort!
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multicolor area rugs multicolor area rugs

multicolor area rugs

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