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A single of my preferred DIY-ers is Britt from A Penny Saved (see her handpainted wall paper right here) and just in case you haven’t observed this – I Union Rustic wanted to share for the reason that it’s an amazing spending budget-friendly and attractive solution to disguising the wall mounted tv. Thanks to her for her tutorial – I can’t wait to give it a shot myself! Here is her post:

Wall-Mounted Television Disguise Tutorial

As promised, right here is my super lengthy and boring (but hopefully valuable) tutorial for disguising a wall-mounted Television. Initial factors initially – you really should have a flat panel Television that is mounted with a stationary (non-swivel) mount. If you have a tilt mount bender contemporary you can most likely modify these guidelines slightly to get this to bender contemporary perform.
If you haven’t hidden the cords however, you will probably want to go ahead and do that now. Here’s a nifty tutorial bender contemporary for operating wires by means of walls and installing outlets behind your Tv to hide cables. We merely figured out where we wanted the wires to end up, punched some holes in the wall in strategic spots, and ran the cables by way of.
We also attached bender contemporary a thinner piece of crown moulding underneath the outside of the frame so that it looked superior from the side, added wood putty to any cracks we had and painted it out in our trim colour.
My sad small diagram displaying how every thing fits collectively.
The next step is to make the box that will connect to the frame and hide the sides of the Television and the gap amongst the Tv and the wall. This is as very simple as getting four 1ࡪ’s, cutting them to length and nailing them collectively on the corners. Just be sure to measure all the things first to make sure that the box will fit exactly over the Tv and will meet up with each the wall and the frame!
Then attach your frame to the box with nails and glue. At this point you’ll likely want to verify to make positive that the box and frame fit nicely more than your Tv. Hopefully it does! Then you’ll have to have to paint out the box to match the frame.

WARNING – Feasible heat issue for the Television.
To preserve the Television from overheating, we drilled lots of holes in the prime and bottom of the box to cool air to flow up from under, and hot air to escape from the major of your Tv. Please, please, please be quite careful to monitor how hot your Tv is when you have the frame and box around it. Try turning on your Television and feeling for heat underneath the box just about every couple of minutes, up to even so extended you ordinarily have your Television on. I don’t take responsibility if any person’s Television overheats! My husband has even viewed as placing a modest fan in the top rated of the box to strengthen airflow.

The next step is to figure out where your remote sensor is on the Television frame, and exactly where that translates to on the wooden frame. Mark that spot and drill a 1/2″ Union Rustic – 3/4″ hole there so you will still be capable to use your remote control. To conceal this hole, we stretched a scrap of thin white fabric more than a coiled up piece bender contemporary of wire the size of the opening and fit Union Rustic the entire drawer double dresser issue into the hole. (This ended up getting too much wire in the way, we switched to a smaller sized piece of wire that did the similar point but caused much less interference with the remote)
You’ll want to make sure ahead of carrying out this that your remote manage will function through the fabric! When yo
u’ve assembled it, it must look something like this:
Now you’re prepared to mount the box over the Television. With the way our Tv and box fit collectively, the best way to mount the box – with no blocking those oh-so-significant air holes – was to drill a thin piece of wood into studs at the suitable level above the Television. The weight bender contemporary of the box will rest on this piece of wood, rather than the Tv, and a couple of screws will hold the box attached to the wood so it doesn’t move or slide off.
Be certain to double-check your measurements here. The box ought to fit snugly about the Television, so if you’re off by just a little it could mean that the complete issue won’t operate.

Now put the frame and box in spot drawer double dresser over the Tv. Verify out the sides of the box exactly where it meets the wall. bender contemporary Probabilities are you’ll have a small gap. We did, also. So we went back to the store and picked up a thin piece of moulding and tacked it onto the box with a Union Rustic nail gun though producing sure it was in position to hide the gap completely.

If you’re smart (not like us) you may well want to wait to paint the complete issue – frame, box, and moulding – until this step.
Now you really should have something like this, which is a large improvement already, no?
You can quit here and be happy with possessing dressed up the large black box a little, or you can be discontent like me and move Union Rustic onto the next step: artwork.
We came up with a couple of distinctive tips on how to incorporate artwork. One particular involved a rollershade, one more – a windshield screen. But in some cases the simplest solution is the greatest. In this case, bender contemporary it meant creating another frame to match completely inside the initial one particular, and then stretching a canvas more than it.
We created our personal stretcher bars, but if you’re fortunate adequate to discover the precise sizes you need at an art provide store and don’t mind shelling out a little extra cash, you could get them. Be certain to leave just a teeny bit of wiggle room for the fabric when determining how big to make the frame. Then stretch your canvas and make positive it fits. As you can see, we ended up with a tiny gap at the top and bottom of the canvas, but often you just have to perform around imperfections.
Now you’re prepared to get artsy! You could paint the canvas (like I did), or you could decoupage it, or use vinyl decals to decorate it. You could also stretch a quite patterned fabric over the frame instead of a strong canvas. Sky’s the limit here.
Hopefully this was helpful bender contemporary to anyone out there who is pondering about carrying out this. Please let me know if I wasn’t clear sufficient or if you have concerns. I’d like to see if any person else does one thing related!
drawer double dresser style=”font-weight: bold”>Britt – Thanks so muchfor sharing! It’s a stunning function of art and wires and tv elements hanging out genuinely distract me from an otherwise stunning area. Mr. DIY has to maintain reminding me that I don’t live in Martha Stewart’s residence and that it doesn’t have to appear perfect – but those wires…oh those ugly wires just mess up my decor! haha Thank you so a lot for your assistance with a low price but Beautiful remedy!

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Have a good weekend every person!

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