Winston Porter

Plumlee Sectional with Ottoman Winston Porter


Paper DIY Kentucky Derby Hatplumlee sectional height=”576″ srcset=” 560w,×130.jpg 126w,×90.jpg 87w” sizes=”(max-width: 560px) 100vw, 560px” />DIY Kentucky Derby HatI have a theory that we all have one thing we are really very good at. For some it may well be scrumptious cooking, or becoming definitely fantastic at small business and even getting an amazing mother. . . for me it is just taking a Winston Porter flat piece of paper Winston Porter and producing a 3-D object. I am actually fantastic at it. Some of you may perhaps be familiar with my art project I call Papier Couture, which was my super exciting fashion line of paper sculpted dresses a couple of years back. Now I use my knack to build the paper flowers I share with you here on this website. And boy am I excited to share this DIY Kentucky Derby hat with you.

What does this paper crafter do when she is invited to go to a Kentucky Derby Party where there is a prize for the biggest hat? Properly of course. . . she sculpts a single out of paper! I was incredibly fortunate that on Friday evening when I began this project (to put on Saturday) I had just completed a guest post applying a dozen paper orchids. They produced the excellent decor for my over-sized bonnet. Needless to say the hat was a hit at the event. It became the unofficial event photo prop as quite a few ladies snapped their image even though wearing my uncommon art. Oh what joy it was to share my DIY Kentucky Derby hat! Cheers ~ Lia

DIY Kentucky Derby Hat

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